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Father Jon E. Braun


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                                   Jesus, King Over Death - 19:00

Within Your Heart

The Church

                            Forgive and be Forgiven - 20:10

Faith: Just is

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    Father Jon E. Braun
    An Orthodox priest, Pastor Emeritus, Dean of the Southern California Deanery of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian diocese of Los Angeles and the West, and well known preacher.
    Fr. Jon, a former Evangelical minister, set out with a group of leaders who left Campus Crusade for Christ seeking the footprint of the Church established by the Apostles.
    He entered the Orthodox Christian Church in 1987 with two thousand others after, to their amazement, they discovered the  Orthodox Church continued today as founded two thousand years ago by the Apostles - a quiet Church here in America amidst a sea of louder faiths.
    The Orthodox Church is the second largest Christian Church in the world.

"There is a humility that comes from the fear of God, and there is a humility that comes from the fervent love of God. One man is humbled because of his fear of God; another is humbled because of his joy. The man humbled from fear of God is possessed of modesty in his members, a right ordering of his senses. and a heart contrite at all times. But the man humbled because of joy is possessed of great exuberance and an open and irrepressible heart."

Saint Isaac the Syrian - Homily Forty-Nine

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