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Prudence True

12 January 2015,

    My original goal of writing here for one year came and went, and now the second, third, fourth, and fifth years have vanished too. And with more fretting than you may suspect, I will embark on a sixth year building this small home on the web for the eyes and ears of wandering souls to peek through at the heart of this ignorant soul. This is truly a home of a sort, so the furnishings reflect my individual taste and interests. And the sturdiest furniture in this home is from Mount Sinai, by way of God, not me. Sister Joanna's series of articles, Holy Light of Sinai and Divine Grace, reflects the ancient wisdom of Saint Catherine's Monastery, Mount Sinai. You will find the articles here: Wisdom of Sinai along with some of the talks given recently by Father Pavlos and Father Justin, of Mount Sinai. But if you want to read Saint John Climacus, the former abbot of the Monastery of Saint Catherine, click here:

The Ladder of Divine Ascent


    I'm grateful to Fr. Jon Braun for sharing his homilies here: True Wisdom Radio. If you are here for only a quick visit, please ignore my ramblings and listen to one of Fr. Jon's homilies. TRUE WISDOM RADIO was the surprise result of my badgering Fr. Jon to share his wisdom here, and he provides a breadth of theological wisdom I lack.

    In my effort to furnish this home with a full cyber-decor of the Orthodox faith, TRUE WISDOM RADIO includes a sample of music from Orthodox liturgy and worship. Orthodoxy is a full sensory experience, although I'm still searching for a tutorial on how to add incense to the web.

     About myself you need to know little: I was born and raised as an Orthodox Christian in America, and my grandparents hail from the Holy Land. I call myself a cradle Orthodox Christian, but to me this simply means I originate from an ancient faith . . . and a family with Orthodox Christian roots generations deep.

    I'm an ordinary soul, no different from anyone else. And this is my cyber-home for 2015.




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